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magic marble

70 Color Bundle Pack

70 Color Bundle Pack

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All Magic Marble Paint bottles are 1oz, including the sample packs.

It is recommended that you use Quick Coat from Counter Culture DIY, to seal the paint prior to applying the epoxy this is available on our website.

Recommend water temp for dipping should be at 65-70° F.

It is recommended that you keep the paint inside a climate controlled environment. If left in extremely cold or hot temperatures, the paints may react and become clumpy and/or hard.

When adding paint into your bucket, keep in mind that less is more. Unlike spray paint hydro dips, you don't need an excessive amount of paint on the surface. Since you swirl the colors together you only need a few drops of each. Too much paint can cause clumping, runs, and globs.

Please join our Facebook group Beach Girlz Glitter for additional tips and tricks. 

Affiliate discount code cannot be used on ANY bundle pack. The bundle packs are already reduced in price and cannot be further discounted. Affiliate discount codes can only be used when purchasing single bottles of paint or glitter return/ replacement policy

Please check ALL paint upon arrival. Defective paint should be reported within 7 days for a refund or exchange please send ALL order related issues to

70 Color Bundle Pack

colors are subject to change due to availability 

1) Light Green 

2) Dark Blue 

3) Colorless

4) Neon Yellow 

5) Neon Orange

6) Neon Pink

7) Blue 

8) Green

9) Red

10) Orange

11) Sun Yellow

12) White

13) Metallic Blue 

14) Metallic Green

15) Metallic Rose

16) Metallic Red

17) Metallic Violet


19) Gold  

20) Silver 

21) Glitter Silver

22) Glitter Gold

23) Transparent

24) Ochre

25) Brown

26) Army Green

27) Ruby Red

28) Violet

29) Rose 

30) Magenta

31) Turquoise

32) Neon Green

33) Mauve

34) Olive

35) Pumpkin 

36) Mustard

37) Plum

38) Candy Apple Red 

39) Amethyst

40) Pomegranate

41) Bubblegum

42) Gun Metal

43) Electric

44) Iris


46) Peacock

47) Fucshia 

48) Rose Gold

49) Boysenberry

50)Blue Berry Rita

51) Emerald

52) Marigold

53) Sugar Cookie

54) Beet Juice

55) Night Sky 

56) Chartreuse

57) Peachy melody 

58) Olympic

59) Grape

60) Khaki

61) Melon

62) Azalea

63) Apricot

64) Metallic orange 

65) Pink Pipestone

66) sapphire 

67) Gulf Stream

68) Barn Red

69) Forrest

70) Mulberry

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