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Northern Lights
Northern Lights

Northern Lights

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This class will be taught by, Amanda Shromoff 

The class will start on February 18th. Once you have purchased a box, we ask that send a join request to our private Facebook Group.  Instructions will be sent in your box as well. It is your responsibility to join the class. Only customer's who purchase THIS box will be added to the group. 

If you have purchased the colors in the past and would like to participate, you can still watch the party live on the Beach Girlz Glitter Facebook page(NOT in the group). However,  comments will not be monitored during the party. 


The box will include;

3.5oz Raspberry Island 

3.5oz Virgin Creek Falls 

3.5oz Surfside Beach 

3.5oz Phytoplankton 

1oz Disko Bay

1oz Devil's Bath

1oz Porto Covo 

(1) 14" Tree cutout

(1) jar of wax

(1) acrylic paint and brush 

(1) Precut templates 

Party favor 


Epoxy or Mod Podge for glitter application

Brush for dusting off excess glitter (Chip Brush)

Transfer tape if you add a decal 

Puddy scraper tool(flat edge)



I do not play "find the package" with USPS when it comes to Craft Boxes.  The price you see and pay reflects the cost to ship UPS( which is in-line with Priority fees). This box is NOT eligible for free shipping on Fridays.  The price is already reduced by $10.00. Craft Party Boxes typically shipped 10-12 days prior to the class. 


Route Insurance: 

The insurance is there for you! I do not receive anything from you purchasing this add-on. However,  if you decline the $1.00 insurance and your package is lost, stole, or damaged, YOU will be responsible for filing the necessary claim for reimbursement.  Beach Girlz,  will provide you with the information needed. I will not reship a package without payment. If something were to happen to you order, Route would purchase a replacement box on your behalf.  Please keep this in mind when checking out. 





Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Such and amazing class!!!

Not only did I make the wood cutout but I made an ice bucket with the design and I’m obsessed!! All the glitters paired with the microfine for the ultimate finishing touch love everything about it. I love that you can take a class and make so many different variations and each one be unique.


This class was so fun. Amanda is such a good instructor. She makes doing wood cutouts easy.

Northern lights

Loved the class! Smirnoff did an amazing job teaching it, love my cut out, I had never done cutouts before. Everything I needed was sent to me, class was taught step by step. All questions answered. Fantastic!! Thank y’all! Oh, and the glitter is SO pretty!! Loving my collection from beach girlz!!

Amanda Shromoff
So pleased seeing everyone's results

I taught this class, but I can definitely say, it was my favorite class to teach. But most of all, every single person's cutout turned out amazing! Legit, everyone did such a perfect job and so much fun! And the northern lights collection for this class is everything I had ever hoped for and way way way better than my first northern lights. The milkyway with devils bath really makes a difference.

Northern Lights

Another amazing box. You ladies are knocking it out of the park. The design, the colors, the support before, during and afternoon the class are spot on. Thank you so much for such wonderful classes! Smirnoff did an amazing job teaching this class. Thank you!