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All Magic Marble Paint bottles are 1oz, including the sample packs.

It is recommended that you use Quick Coat from Counter Culture DIY, to seal the paint prior to applying the epoxy this is available on our website.

Recommend water temp for dipping should be at 65-70° F.

It is recommended that you keep the paint inside a climate controlled environment. If left in extremely cold or hot temperatures, the paints may react and become clumpy and/or hard.

When adding paint into your bucket, keep in mind that less is more. Unlike spray paint hydro dips, you don't need an excessive amount of paint on the surface. Since you swirl the colors together you only need a few drops of each. Too much paint can cause clumping, runs, and globs.

Please join our Facebook group Beach Girlz Glitter for additional tips and tricks.

Paint return/ replacement policy

Please check ALL paint upon arrival. Defective paint should be reported within 7 days for a refund or exchange please send ALL order related issues to beachgirlzglitter@gmail.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ruby Butcher

Super happy with my order, the colors are beautiful!

Vickie DeWitt
Vicks Crafty Tumblers and more

I love your swirling paints. These are the best for hydro dip. Cheryl from just stick it led me here. Her and her husband do great work and are willing to help anyone.

Margie Lynn

I just started trying hydro dipping because of watching Ashlee on Facebook, and she said that's where she got her marble paints.... My first time trying them and I hydro dip some phone roses I love it

Hi! I'm so glad you love the paint! I assume you inadvertently left the 1 star review. If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you could go back in and adjust the rating to match your expectations.

Taneica Brooks
Amazing quality

These paints are amazing. Spread so perfectly for me and I am super new to hydro dipping. These paints made me feel more comfortable to keep practicing and get better.

Angela Smith

I have been trying to call you all. My paints don't spout out like they should. They are beautiful colors but they do not work. Can you call me maybe.

Hi Angela,

I am sorry you are having a hard time reaching me. I was actually on a cruise vacation and got a few extra days due to Hurricane Nicole. The best way to reach me is by email, which is listed on the website. For future use it's beachgirlzglitter@gmail.com. I also see that you joined our FB group shorty after your purchase which is GREAT! The group is a wealth of hydrodipping knowledge! All of my admin team are experienced in dipping and can 100% answer any questions you may have.

I do request that you send an email and picture if your paint. Is the stopper clogged or is the paint gelatinous? If the neither are the issue, please insure that your paint is thoroughly mixed. Sometimes you may need to remove the stopper and use a skewer to get it mixed well as the pigment can settle on the bottom. 9 time out of 10 dispersion issues are from water issues. Water temperature is the most important factor when it comes to hydrodipping with the Magic Marble Paint.