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Mizzy drizzles craft box

Everything in this box is amazing!! I love that you can do so many different colors of spray paint overtop of the glitter and the drizzle effects are some much fun!

Bee Mine
Bee Mine

We had so much fun painting the Bee Mine cutouts. Super easy and everything we needed was included. My mom, Mema, my 33 years old brother and I had a blast!!

Be Bold
Be Bold Mold

I absolutely love the Be Bold Butterfly Key Chain mold. It’s easy to fill and the perfect size to make a statement!

Mini Metallic Bundle
Mandy Davenport

Mini Metallic Bundle

Muzzle Drizzle

Another amazing box. Thank you BGG

Super cute cup!! Love it!! Lots of fun and different techniques!!

Beautiful glitter to make EVERYTHING BETTER!!! Love all the colors I chose!!

Blue Firefly
Brenda Noe
Blue Firefly

Love how it looks on a cup I’m going to dip

Harbour Island
Amanda Shromoff
The Best of the Best

Best glitter ever! Harbour Island is sheer perfection as a shade of magenta that is sure to delight. It dazzles under epoxy with its amazing sparkle. This glitter is perfect for craft projects, from tumblers to home decor from the BGG wood cutouts! The Harbour Island shade is particularly versatile, as it pairs well with so many colors. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, you'll love the quality and softness of this glitter. Give it a try and you'll see why so many people are raving about Harbour Island glitter!

Hilton Head
Wendy Beers
Hilton Head Glitter

It is so beautiful!!!! I love it!!!!!

These glass can glasses are absolutely beautiful. I love them and want to get more.

Fancy Like

Love the way it swirls on when I want to dip and swirl this paint

Let It Snow Holiday Box
Let it Snow

If I could give 10 stars I would. This is an amazing craft box.

So fun

I can’t wait to create with these!!!

Give ‘em Pumpkin to Talk About!

Loved this class! You can follow along and create the class cup, or change it up a bit if you want.

This was such a fun class! You can create the class version or add your own little spin on it. I added a leopard foil to my top little pumpkin for my little spin! These are just for children, great for the adults too!

I was so excited to see the new colors (green and red) so I had to get this second set that included the black cup. I was already in love with the black cup. The black really makes a lot of decals pop!

I was so excited to see the new colors : red and green. Perfect for Christmas decals! I can’t wait to use them!

Love each color they have..only one thing wish they had more white, black, silver and gold in the bundle or offer it as a single.
But all on all GREAT PACKAGE!


I absolutely love the blueberry

Dark Cherry Wine
Brenda Noe
Dark Cherry

Love this color! Amazing how the color comes out !

Grace Bay
Crystal Wooten
Love this color!

I love Grace Bay so much! I have used this color on several cups!

Amethyst Paint
Pat Gortney

I love amethyst ! I love all the colors


I absolutely love your dipping paints. I by all means…think you should keep offering all these colors..and be able to get whit and black either singles or in a bundle. I love using whites and blacks.

The Magic Of Lights

Beautiful cup...lots of techniques!!