Basic Magic Marble information

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Basic Magic Marble Paint Q&A

How do I seal the marble paint:

If using on a tumbler, we suggest using Quick Coat by Counter Culture DIY. Please follow the instructions on the jar/bottle. Additional information can be found by joining the counter culture support group.

Quick Coat can be purchased directly from the Beach Girlz Glitter website,

Sealing the Magic Marble Paint:
CCDIY QUICK COAT is the only sealer recommended by Beach Girlz Glitter. Research, trial and error went into this decision when I launched the piant in 2018. If you are having issues with repelling, please join our Facebook Group. We can better communicate with you on that platform. PLEASE understand that some of the information being given on Tiktok/ Facebook live is NOT recommended by us. If you decide to use other products and have issues, please purchase and try sealing the paint with QUICK COAT. This product is available on our website. Again, videos and tutorials from myself and my admin team can be found in the Beach Girlz Glitter Facebook Group.

Fabric: use a fabric sealer i.e. Thompson's waterseal fabric. HOWEVER, it's not necessary to seal fabric. This is a personal preference only. We have washed NON-SEALED hats with no issues.

Metal:Any type of clear coat. For outdoor projects consider one with UV protection. You can find products by searching UV clear spray paint

Keep in mind that not all projects need to be sealed. Decorative items such as wine bottles, lampshades, pictures frames, hats, shoes, flower vases, and flower pots do not need to be sealed.

How long should I wait after dipping to seal?
*Allow 6-12 hours of drying before applying Quick Coat. If after 12 hours the paint is tacky, allow additional drying. If you are in a rush, you can seal sooner but the paint needs to be dry to the touch and NOT tacky

When can I add my decal and/or waterslide?
*Before or after sealing. Once the paint has completely dried you can apply your decal. The paint should not come off with the transfer tape. You can also decal over quick coat.

How should I store the bottles of paint?
*Store between 41 and 86 °F in a dry, well-ventilated place away from sources of heat and direct
sunlight. No smoking. Keep container tightly closed. Containers, which are opened, must be
carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage
*It is recommended that you keep the paint inside a climate controlled environment. If left in extremely cold or hot temperatures, the paints may react and become clumpy and/or hard. Mine are stored in small plastic tote that I keep in my laundry room.

Suggested water temperature:
*Water should be between 65-70 °F
However, this is something that you will need to experiment with to find the right temperature for you. Water condition, temp, hardness, and a variety of factors play a role in getting the correct temperature. 99% of the time all paint problems be traced back to water issues. You may discover that dipping on the warmer side(71-73) works best for you. I suggest playing around with a tupperware and smaller objects such as phone grips or pens before wasting paint on a 5 gallon bucket.

How much paint should I use?
*Remember that less is more. I suggest starting with 2-3 drops of the colors you plan to use. You can always add more after stirring.
*Work at a brisk pace. Have all paint colors ready to go before starting. If you decide to mix the paint, gently mix using a popsicle stick, toothpick, or skewer.
*Using an excessive amount of paint not only causes a buildup of oil in the water, but it also determines how fast the paint drys.
*You should only dip 8-10 tumblers in 1 bucket of water. The buildup of oil on the surface from the residual paint can cause issues with how the paint reacts and dispurses when added to the bucket.
*Transparent for glitter should NEVER be used on tumblers. This is an extremely oily paint and unless you are 100% sure of what you do doing, it will ruin a project leaving the need to strip it.

When to dip over a black base
* Our chameleons and flip paints look best when dipped over a black or dark base. If you use them over a white or light base, the drastic color shift will NOT be as noticeable. Please review the website and learn which paints are color changing.

Are the bottles the same size?
*Yes. All bottles are 1oz, including the sample packs.

Can I dip over glitter?
*Yes. The glitter needs to be completely sealed with epoxy and sanded smooth prior to dipping. I'd you are unhappy with the dip, simply clean the paint off with aectone. You will need to clean the tumbler with soap prior to redipping as the acetone can cause immediate repelling issues.

How do I prep my cup?
I prefer to use 600 grit sandpaper

Can I dip over powder coating??
* It is not recommend. The slick coating can sometimes cause the paint to immediately repel as soon as you put the tumbler in the water. It's suggested that you use a stainless steel tumbler that has been prepped and spray painted to your desired base color.

Can I dip a ceramic mug?
Personally, I have never been able to achieve a good dip over ceramic. I'm not sure if it's from the ceramic coating, but the paint typically always repels. However, some people have no issues. I suggest trying it and making a decision based upon your experience.

Sand lightly/Paint if desired
Clean with soap and water (not alcohol or acetone)
Seal with Quick Coat

Glitter Base:
Wash with dish soap
Apply glitter
Seal with epoxy
Seal with Quick Coat (follow instructions on the jar)

Spray paint base:

Wash with dish soap
Spray base color
Seal with Quick Coat (follow instructions on the jar)

Can I double dip?
*Yes! Allow the initial paint layer to fully dry (no longer tacky) before redipping.

Do I need to seal items before dipping?
*Yes-Glitter bases

*No- You don't need to seal metal, wood, plastic or glass prior to dipping.

Can I dip fabric?
*Yes. Once dry the paint is washer and dryer safe.

When should I change my water?
*I typically change my water after 4-5 dips or when I notice a residual film on the surface .

Remove excess paint between dips. I do Not suggest using paper towels as they can add lint to the water. Instead,  we suggest a styrofoam cup or piece of cardboard. 

Can I pour the water down the drain?
*As long as there is no residual paint on the surface, you can pour down a drain. However, it is recommended to pour excess water outside.


Do I need to wear PPE?
*It is recommended that you wear gloves when handling the paint.
I've found that Orange solvent works great for removing paint on the skin.

What is colorless?
*Colorless is an amber colored paint that will create a void in the colors. This allows the base color to show though. It is not recommend to use this over a white base due to the possibility of yellowing.

Can I remove the marble paint?
*If dipped over an epoxied base you can wipe the paint off with aectone.

A spray painted base with need to be stripped down to the metal or spray paint over the Marble paint. You can then start over.

Do you ship internationally?
*Glitter can be shipped internationally. Please, reach out to me if you are interested in placing a glitter order.

Due to international shipping regulations and extremely expensive shipping rates, at this time we are only shipping paint to Canada.