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Hutton Garnet Beach

Hutton Garnet Beach

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This area of Labrador is underlain by garnet-rich Archean gneisses. South, North & Seven Islands Beach (about 14km south) are all bayhead beaches, where sand collects naturally between headlands. They were formed by sorting and concentration of heavy minerals by wave and wind action on garnet-rich till from a glacial end moraine deposited into the ocean at the time of the last glacial event. For more information, please refer to the Beach Formation section.   The Hutton garnet deposits have unusually high concentrations of almandine garnet; the South Beach averages over 60% garnet and exceeds 75% locally. The North Beach is a much larger, lower-grade resource with samples to date averaging about 25% garnet. The unusually high grade of the South Beach deposit -- about four times of what is currently mined in Idaho (Emerald Creek, ~14%) and twice that in Western Australia (GMA, ~30%) -- assures that small areas can yield significant values in contained garnet. Disturbance of only a few acres represents full-scale annual production.

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