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Neon Leopard Glitter Bundle
Neon Leopard Glitter Bundle
Neon Leopard Glitter Bundle

Neon Leopard Glitter Bundle

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This bundle will come with the follow colors; You will also have the option to purchase the neon paint that we used for Craft Party Box.  There is a full tutorial available on our Facebook business page(July 2022)

To purchase a completed tumbler like the one shown,  please visit https://steelcabincreations.com/

Lake Hillier 

Yellow Tang 

Virgin Creek Falls 


Porto Covo 

Orchid Dottyback 

Solid Black 

Customer Reviews

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Smirnoff glitter pack

These colors are amazing and totally giving the Lisa frank- from my younger days- vibes! I also did the class taught by Amanda-aka “Smirnoff“ and she did a fantastic job teaching that class as well! I learned new things that took me out of my comfort zone like not spray sealing 😂 As always, these craft party box classes are saved on the main business page on Facebook as well so if you’re new to Beach girlz glitter , missed this one, whatever- you won’t miss out on the main instructions to get the rainbow cheetah. These colors are phenomenal!! Definitely recommend getting this pack!!

Amazing Neons

What a fun class. From the glitters, to the shenanigans. These ladies know how to put craft party box together, and have fun teaching it. Thank you for such amazing products.

Neon dreams

I am a big fan of the leopard print and learning how to do this was a high priority. The Beach Girlz did it again great class